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Bradley Baker has had successful students in different styles of music for many years. He has students singing lead roles at the Metropolitan Opera House, on top of the Pop Charts, in top 3 on X Factor , top 4 on American Idol and in Wicked on Broadway

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Teacher: Bradley baker

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Rich & Laura D'

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Bradley Baker more than a vocal coach. He is a friend, a champion for every person who walks through his door. Bradley has made it perfectly clear that HIS students are special, and they are. He invests not only his time, but his emotion, his character, his love into every single session with his students.

Anthony D', 13 Student

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Wow... Where do I start? It's been almost two years. You have improved my voice so much over these past years and I couldn't thank you enough. You helped me get through musicals and recitals that needed work and overall made me so much better. Thank you so much, Bradley. Love you, man.


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Bradley is as strong an instructor as he is a friend and performer himself. Having studied at USC, he knows his stuff and knows what to expect from his students, not to mention what they are capable of! His lessons are personalized to each person and their respective styles.


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Bradley is a blow-your-mind singer, and he takes nothing for granted, saying often how hard he worked to get there. He teaches the same - hard work and patience - to his students. His experience, work ethic, and natural intuition for slowly shaping the muscles of the vocalist through precise exercises have more than earned him his reputation.

Umer Habib

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hi Bradley , you are such a nice person, good singer .

Donna Cohen

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Bradley Baker is a phenomenal teacher and man. I have taken voice lessons from others but I never grew with them as I have from Bradley. He is patient and gives advice in a very positive way. We have had a lot of fun but when it is time to work we work! He encouraged me to give a gift of love to my grandchildren and record a CD for them. He did the arrangements, and back up singing. And more than once. His voice has brought tears to my eyes. He works with students of all ages.


A native of Toledo Ohio, Bradley Baker moved to Los Angeles to study music. He attended The University of Southern California. Bradley performed in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas for over 25 years